• Recently I had Mandy Pidek, the owner of Aviator Jayne in Owosso, MI on the Podcast and we discussed the topic of balance.

    Aviator Jayne is a home goods store located in Owosso, MI. The name is unique and has a special meaning to her and her family. “Aviator” was inspired by the fact that both her and her husband’s fathers were pilots and “Jayne” is a  prominent name her and her husband’s family.

    Mandy opened Aviator Jayne on September 16th, 2018. Four days later their first daughter was born and put in the NICU with complications. The first month of business was a balancing act of driving back and forth to the hospital and trying to tend to a brand new business.   In addition to Aviator Jayne, Mandy’s husband Nick owns Fosters Coffee Company that has three locations in Mid-Michigan (Owosso, Flint, & Lansing).

    Mandy says that through it all, owning two family businesses, raising children, being involved in the community and all that they do in the church, the two things that gave her the strength and ability was the support and encouragement of her husband Nick, as well as their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Mandy says “Something that has helped us both is our relationship with God. It is the rock in my life, and something I can always count on.  He will never leave you or forsake you. There have been times where I should have been in Catastrophe mode, but God gave me peace. There is a promise that he will supply my needs. “

    When you have a true relationship with God it’s not a switch you turn off and on for Sundays. If you have a true relationship with him, he will show up in your business without you even trying.

    Mandy says that balance comes to them by being passionate about each thing that they do.  When you really love what you’re doing you, energy, clarity, and strength just follow. You can put a lot on your plate and still live a peaceful life if it’s what you really love and are passionate about.

    In my experience, doing what you love changes everything.  Other career paths may offer more money, but money does not promise joy or peace, both of which are of paramount importance to me.

    Even when you’re doing what you love, bad days will still come.  You will get overwhelmed, frustrated and tired but this is where prioritizing what is most important in your life is key.

    If you want things to happen in your life, you have to plan for it to happen.  Put it on the calendar.  Determine what things are non-negotiable. You will have to say no to something’s and some people.   Make it a point to determine who and what you are not willing to disappoint.

    In my life I have determined that my family, my ministry and my business are going to be my highest priorities.  I believe in my life that If God gives me an opportunity for ministry that I should take it. These are my priorities and mind do not have to be yours, but you should determine what yours are today.

    Mandy says “Saying no to someone might just be in this season.   This season might look a little different. The seasons in your life change, and you need to know what to do with it, and when to say no. When you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. I am human and I am always going to disappoint someone.”

    Understand what season you are in. When you have little ones, you are in a different season. Your priorities are different. When you have children that is your ministry. That is the best ministry you can ever have. When God opens up more free time there may be more opportunities.

    Our capacity is a muscle, you can build your capacity. It’s important to be aware of where your time is going.  Regularly evaluate how you spend your time and don’t be a victim of your circumstances.

    If you have something you are passionate about, pursue it. Don’t allow yourself to work for someone else for 8 hours and then go home and not pursue your own dreams. Commit yourself and make the time. Less Netflix, social media, etc. can all help but you have time.   Get rid of the excuses. If you put the time into it, it will be worth it.

    Stay focused and make some sacrifices for this season. Mandy says, “What we build today will give us freedom tomorrow.  I’d rather sacrifice Netflix today than my dreams later.”

    What makes you happy? Have you ever considered that?  Don’t listen to everyone else. Don’t focus on everyone else. What makes YOU happy?  Happiness needs to be defined by you, not by what everyone else. What brings you joy and gives you passion? What is it that you really want? Is it really what’s going to make you happy? Determine what success is to you and go after it.

    Mandy’s best piece of advice is:
    “The picture fear paints in our mind is always believable, but it’s rarely true or happens. Don’t prepare a place for fear or invite it in your life.  Let the only fear of life be the fear of not doing what you were called and born to do. Not the fear of the what “ifs”. If we let fear rule us, it will grow stronger and grip stronger. It will keep us still. Deliberately go against it and do something in spite of your fear.”

    God has not given us the spirit of fear.  Loving what you do will help alleviate fear. If you have  fear, you must recognize that it is not from God and denounce it.  Ask Him to give you spirit of POWER and LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.