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  • Recruiting & Training

    At AZee, we aim to provide employers with the highest caliber talent with the right experience, attitude, personality and desire to help grow your business.  With over two decades of hiring experience, we have learned the right things to look for in a potential employee, the right questions to ask and the right candidate to choose.  We believe that relationships built on trust are the foundation of any company’s success; therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and treat our clients’ and candidates’ needs with the appropriate level of discretion.  Our service doesn't have to stop with recruiting.  AZee has also developed sophisticated training programs that equip your employees and managers to do the job effectively.  Our training programs include but are not limited to the following topics:

    • Leadership
    • Motivation
    • Hiring & Firing
    • Human Resources 
    • Budgeting & Financial Management
    • Customer Satisfaction & Retention